Let's get real. Attracting your dream clients was never meant to be this hard.

It's time to step into your true power.

It'd be so ahhhmaziingg to come across the dreamiest of masterminds, apply the 3 step process and have your soulmate clients knock on your door (or DM's) while you watch your stripe make the inevitable cha-chings

The only issue? The one size fits all approach doesn't work anymore

To really bring your dream clients & leads to your turf, you need a strategy that is intentional and tailored to YOU.


It's time that your messaging and strategy reflect your unique "X" factor,
so you can stand out from the crowd and attract your clients with ease

Say hello to the


A 90- minute, high touch 1-1 Human Design plus business strategy session 

So you can discover how to use your unique energetic blueprint to perfect your messaging and attract more clients!



A 60 minute Human Design Reading

We'll deep dive into your BodyGraph - which is a blend of Astrology, the I’Ching, the Chakra system, the Kabbalah and gives insight into your unique energy and how that energy interacts with and is perceived by the world around you. We will uncover where you have been holding yourself back and how you can overcome this. 

An additional 30 minute strategy session

In this 30 minute session we will take a deep dive into your business - take all of the information we have gathered about your design and create a custom strategy that works for you!

Post- call PDF & support

Finally, you will get a PDF of key points we discussed and a summary of your chart to serve as your handy guide in your future decisions.


  • First come first serve availability 

  • Questionnaire prior to the call


  • An audit of your current strategies

  • Planning your next steps


  • The PDF delivered straight to your inbox within 24 hours.

  • A list of your next steps and resources to get you started.

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Once you hit the "book" button, you will be directed to an application page where you can enter your birth details - your date, time and place of birth.

Complete the questionnaire and book your spot.


Once you have booked your spot, you will be given a workbook and your very own client portal to make sure your workflow is seamless and easy.

On the day of our call, we will hit the ground running covering your type, profile, gates & channels to help you come to a deeper understanding of yourself followed by a thorough look at your business and crafting your next steps


Together we will craft out your next steps, keeping in the strategies that work and knocking out what doesn't 

After the call you will get a PDF wrap up sheet covering our key points and a personalised guide for your design.


-90 Minutes of 1-1 reading + strategy call
-Post call support + guide
-Customised strategy session
is just 


The information you shared with me was so insightful and much of it resonated and was spot on which gave me so much reassurance in the direction to go with my business.

absolutely loved working with you Priyanka , your energy is absolutely beautiful so it was a pleasure talking to you during our session. The information you shared with me was so insightful and much of it resonated and was spot on which gave me so much reassurance in the direction to go with my business. I literally enjoyed everything about it!
I am much more aware of things to keep in mind in terms of my conditioning which helps me navigate them as they come up. I feel more clear and motivated towards my goals with the reassurance your information provided me. And I feel more confident in who I am and am destined to be and am finding more courage to embrace that side of myself versus suppressing it !
Everyone would benefit from the value you provide in even one session let alone working with you in a longer container. Your energy makes people feel like you are truly in their corner and are deeply supported towards their goals.
Julia Garcia - Deveni
Business & Mindset Coach
Olivia Heine
Time-Freedom & Work-Life Balance Coach
This is not your average Human Design reading (based on my experience). This is a truly transforming way to create clarity and alignment so that your business can actually feel really good whilst putting you in the energy of attracting more results. She's amazing, so get your reading booked!

I had an incredible experience with Priyanka. I love how she didn't just do a "general reading" (although she did touch on all different aspects of my chart) but she really honed in on the different aspects of my chart to address the challenges I was having and helping my uncover clarity through my chart. It really provided me with so many "aha-moments" and she even helped me lay out a plan for HOW I could be showing up to really connect with my audience in a way that serves both me and them. Not only was it incredibly validating but I love feeling clear on what steps I can take. Priyanka beautifully paired tangible action with the more philosophical pieces of Human Design.


Literally, the way I have been showing up to create contect, connect with ideal clients has felt SO good. I have really leaned into aspects of sharing my story as I go (something that my chart revealed) as opposed to needing to figure it all out first (something that way causing me stress and imposter syndrome), and it has resonated SO well with my audience. I feel like I can be authentically me (which allows them to connect with me) AS WELL as an authority (so they still see me as a coach they want to work with). I've literally messages Priyanka so many times since the reading with updates on how good this new way of showing up has felt and the results it's gotten me.

It was AMAZING! I loved working with Priyanka, she was not only incredibly informed, but was FUN to be with

Before working with Priyanka, I was unsure of what the best way to work was in my business, and questioning how I was showing up and what decisions to make.It was AMAZING! I loved working with Priyanka, she was not only incredibly informed, but was FUN to be with. Her approach was amazing because she was able to go into A LOT of detail on my chart, explain it to me at my level, AND provide me the guidance and tips of how I could be using that everyday in my business and life. I didn’t expect to learn as much from it as I did, but I left feeling so excited and clear in what I was doing and confident that I had the right strategy in place

Andie Colleen,
Life & Mindset Coach

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