Let's face it. You've been at this for a while now, and you're ready to start seeing some serious dough


You sit down to write your daily affirmations, followed by a visualisation exercise and scripting for your exciting new manifestation

and you wonder if there was an easier way to do all of this

Not to mention, you get so excited thinking about your income goal, only for your mind to utter those dreaded words (ok, but what if it doesn't...?)

And you know if only you could buddy up with someone who makes it all simple, you would have so much more confidence in your ability to hit that money goal


You could ditch the stress and focus all your energy on your business with complete trust that your money goal has manifested.


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A 2 hour, 1-1 mindset transformation and energetic alignment session for coaches 

So you can you remove beliefs blocking your abundance and energetically align yourself to your new money story.




First, we'll take a deep dive into your mind and discover the beliefs and stories that have been blocking your abundance. To make this process seamless for you, you will be given a workbook before our session that'll help you find out your subconscious money story.  



Then, we get to shifting. In our 2 hour session we will unearth your money story, and transform it to a more abundant one. We will shift your subconscious story and your energetic vibration to your ideal abundant alignment using powerful NLP techniques, EFT & Reiki 



It's time to align! After the shift, we will align you to your powerful, desired goal so you see it as clear as day and embody it as if you have already manifested it into your reality.  


Your investment is of $375

(Note that the offer is valid only through May)

The confidence and clarity I felt in myself and my abilities after working with Priyanka is beyond anything I would have expected or hoped for. I went from not feeling 100% confident in myself or how I was showing up, to knowing with certainty that my next level goal was possible for me and that I was 100% on the path to achieving it. She actually facilitated such a powerful shift that I felt as though this scary “stretch goal” that I set had already happened. I am working in such flow now and showing up totally empowered and in my power - it’s absolutely amazing. She has supported me in shifting so much in my business and she had such a nurturing and calming presence for holding space for anything and everything that came up during our sessions. Whether you’re ready to uplevel or not sure if it’s possible for you, I cannot recommend Priyanka enough - like truly, 5 stars! If you’ve made it this far, she is your girl, so go take action!!

Olivia Heine, Time Freedom & NLP Success Coach

"I don’t hold back anymore from promoting myself online which feels so liberating! I’ve actually attracted more people in my business in certain ways all from a single session in working with Priyanka. She deeply cares about her clients and is a wonderful person so for anyone who’s looking to work with her, don’t hesitate! Her confidence in you will just light your soul on fire and she’ll leave you with this inner knowing that you can do it!"

Charlene Valentine, Mindset & Success Coach

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Coaches who are new or been coaching for a while now

You have an income goal that you'd like to hit and you want to ramp up your manifestation

Or maybe you've been at this for a while and you're not making the money you'd like to make

Whatever your situation, you'd like to step into the version of you that already has it so you can let go of stress and trust in your power.